i once told a friend that i have nothing to explain to her nor admit anything that will make her ears clap in joy.i have always been wondering why all lesbians and thought lesbians have to admit things to their friend s or new found friends. i think we deserve respect to be accepted whether... Continue Reading →


the girl with a hijab

How to make a girl with hijab fall for you? ironically it is really a bit awkward to fall for an Arab Muslim female when you know its a big no no for them. but how can i really stop my self from staring at her beautiful smile?? or maybe how can i tell my... Continue Reading →


her smile takes my breath away when she is around i do not know what to say... she stands like a pedestal i am belittled. my life is a mess i am left with a riddle...     she touched me for the first time,gave a pat on my shoulder... oh i wasnt able to... Continue Reading →

even if it’s pretend…

Please speak up, i am ready to listen...i will accept what ever you want me to understand... i'd endure everything and try to understand.. as long as you won't let go.... i don't want to be left nowhere, where i can barely see... i'd rather pretend and assume it's right... i know it is wrong,... Continue Reading →

Di ka ba napapagod umasa at umiyak? Yan ang lagi kong tanong sa sarili ko. Madalas nahuhuli ko ang sariling tulala, Nakatanaw sa kawalan, parang di makapaniwala. Nang simulang umamin ako ng damdamin ko, Pinagsisihan ko to ng todo todo. Di dahil nagging matapang ako, Ngunit dahil di ko kinakaya ang pagbabago. Sabi ko sa... Continue Reading →

gulong gulo ako sayo

sige lumayo ka pa at kaya ko pa iwan mo ko dahil complikado,baka madamay ka.. sa mundong puno ng gulo, sana nandito ka... pero wala akong magawa dahil ayaw mo na.. ayaw mo makasakit ng iba pero ako ok lang ba? sinasabi mo na d pedeng ako, eh paano ba? paano bang di ako magdamdam... Continue Reading →

i miss you friend

I told you I liked you, you over reacted. You told me you liked me too, I was elated. I asked you if you can love me, you paused. I told you not to answer, you said you were not ready. I finally broke up with her, you still said no. You told me to... Continue Reading →

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